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LB06 Series

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Product description

Chemical name:Styrene acrylic emulsion

application area:carpet

Product introduction:LB06 series emulsion is an anionic thermally cross-linked polymer dispersion prepared by emulsion polymerization with styrene, acrylate, and acrylic as the main raw materials. This series of emulsions have good compatibility with fillers, large filling capacity and strong adhesion. , Excellent weather resistance, less foam and less odor during the preparation process. Mainly used as backing bonding material for tufted carpets, needle-punched carpets, polypropylene and acrylic fiber planted carpets.

Characteristics and Application
●Environmental protection products, excluding APEO, NPEO, etc;
●Dry fast, improve production efficiency;
●Excellent water resistance;
●Excellent mechanical stability and chemical stability;
●Does not crack, feels good;
●Has high bonding force and strength;
●VOC meets the national or industrial standards.

Technical index

Packaging andStorage and transportation:
●Packaging: According to customer needs:1000Kg/barrel (IBC ton barrel), liquid container or tank truck;
●Storage: the product should be stored in a clean, cool place, sun proof and antifreeze during storage and transportation. The packaging should be strictly sealed, and the temperature should be 10 ℃ ~ 30 ℃.

quality guarantee period:6 months。

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LB06 Series
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