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R&D Team


Thomas Zeng

China's scarce actual experts who master the entire process of emulsion polymerization research and development, technology, equipment, production, and application

Master of Energy and Chemical Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology
Bachelor of Applied Chemistry, North University of China
20 years of actual emulsion polymerization, deep industry precipitation
Have unique insights into papermaking, lawn, construction and other emulsions
Master the original process formula and possess the core technology of emulsion polymerization

R&D and Testing Equipment
R&D and Testing Equipment
R&D and Testing Equipment
R&D and Testing Equipment
R&D and Testing Equipment
R&D and Testing Equipment
R&D and Testing Equipment
R&D and Testing Equipment
R&D and Testing Equipment
Core Competence


Based on technology, we make standardized products and customized products

  • The company's own technical team
    The technical team personally responsible for the chairman of the company;
    Establish a dedicated technology research and development center;
    The technical research and development personnel shall not be less than 20% of the total employees.

  • Introduce foreign advanced technology
    Joint operation with international chemical giants;
    Jointly develop new technologies and products;
    Introduce international advanced technical talents.

  • School-enterprise cooperation technology development
    Establish school-enterprise partnerships with Wuhan University, Xijiang University and East China University of Science and Technology;
    It is planned to establish post-doctoral workstations with the above-mentioned universities.



Model-oriented establishment of a community of interests to achieve common prosperity

Establish a business department cooperation model internally
The remuneration of the company’s executives is linked to the profitability of the business unit (building a community of interests);
The division and the company are divided according to the profit ratio (Ben Xiaokang);
Realize all staff allotment before the company goes public (total wealth)

Establish a platform-based cooperation model
The company provides production bases to introduce new projects (inviting investment)
The company takes out part of the equity of the cooperation project and allocates it to the senior management (to establish a community of interests)
After the company is listed, it will purchase high-quality projects that have been introduced and cooperated (equity swap, public listing in disguise, and mutual wealth with partners)




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