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Talent Concept

Talent Concept

  • Talent Strategy
    Talent is the strategic resources for the survival and development of enterprises. Liangjingjing has been adhering to the concept of ‘putting people first’ and actively creating atmosphere of respect, understanding, integrity and friendly. It respects the knowledge and talents of people, establishes and perfects multi-channel and diversified talents introduction, selection and development mechanism, provides growth platform for talents, makes the talents as the strong support for the sustainable development of the enterprise, and achieve the growing and development of both the enterprise and the talents.
  • Talent Team
    Take the quality, capability, and performance as the guide and focus on the establishment of three teams: the high quality cadres team of operation management, the professional talent team, and the reserved talent team.
  • Cultivation of talent
    The cultivation of talent is the foundation of employing them. Depending on the characteristics of talents of different types and layers, the Company constantly perfects and innovates talent cultivation mechanism, combines theoretical training, practical exercise, domestic cultivation, overseas training, short term training and professional education, establishes an open multi-layer talent cultivation system with a wide coverage, and gradually sets up new mode of talent cultivation that is in accordance with the environment of the group enterprise.




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